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Angels are Everywhere

Inspiring, Colorful, Creative!

Angels are Everywhere

Great language arts resource and homeschooling project

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A unique resource rated “excellent” by parents and teachers alike. Despite having to spend months at a time at C. S. Mott Children’s Hospital, young patients with serious diseases brought their passion, hopes, and dreams to life. From sports, to careers, to enjoying the seasons of the year, each child used everyday materials to create angels that reflected their individual personalities and determination to live life to its fullest. The project emphasized art, science, and discovery, as well as dramatic play, making this book of angels an extraordinary example of what parents and teachers can do with their kids both at home and in a classroom setting.

“What fine imaginations these young patients have — a bundle of courage that subtly help my kids overcome their youthful fears.”
“A must-have book with endless opportunities for learning. We created our own Angel Art Packs.”
“Truly inspirational — teaches children how to live each moment with courage and determination. Great starter for a journal page.”
  • Full-color photography
  • 40 pages
  • Hard cover

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The Culprit Was a Fly &
Miracle on Theodore’s Street

Learning Can Be Fun!

Theodore Books

Fun classroom and at-home reading

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“These books [about Theodore] teach snappy, humorous lessons... while using repetition and rhyme to help young readers learn words more easily.”
— The New York Times

Share the antics of Theodore, a precocious cartoon character who faces the day-to-day ordeals of growing up. These quick-reading books are a perfect vehicle for guiding kids through difficult life lessons without forcing the issue. The Theodore books help young minds recognize the importance of being responsible and thinking about the feelings of others while making reading a fun experience. Written by Lisa Funari-Willever, author, publisher, and former fourth grade teacher.

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My, oh my, it’s a pesky fly!
Theodore - The Culprit was a Fly
Theodore dreams up outrageous ways to get a pesky fly off his sandwich — from making silly noises and faces to scooping up the fly in a fishing net to threatening to pay his little sister to talk the fly to death. But in the end, he realizes that using good manners might just do the trick.

  • Four-color illustrations
  • 32 pages
  • Soft cover


What does Theodore do when his family comes down with the flu?
Theodore - Miracle on Theodore's Street
Theodore devises selfish reasons for playing outside rather than help his dad when his mom, sister, and little brother get the flu. And when his dad also gets sick, Theodore just feels sorry for himself and grumbles while going to bed. What do you think Theodore does next? Fun read anytime of the year!

  • Four-color illustrations
  • 40 pages
  • Soft cover


Kwanzaa Teddy,
The Curious Bear

Meet KT!

Kwanzaa Teddy

Hi! My name is Kwanzaa Teddy,
but my friends call me KT.

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Learn about African traditions, values, and customs through the eyes of Kwanzaa Teddy, The Curious Bear. Kwanzaa focuses on the traditional values of family, community, and self-improvement. Some people think Kwanzaa is a religious celebration, but it’s not. It’s a celebration of society and rejoicing, and KT helps adults and kids alike learn all about Kwanzaa in a fun way. Here’s what teachers from across the country have to say:

“The book gives an opportunity to explore other cultures while emphasizing the importance of community, values, and kindness.”
“I enjoy teaching the children about Kwanzaa. I use it during circle time to introduce this unique celebration.”
“A great addition to my Kwanzaa curriculum. Easy to read and understand.”
  • Four-color illustrations
  • 32 pages
  • Soft cover
  • Glossary of Terms

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Also Available

Kwanzaa Teddy, The Curious Bear Activity and & Coloring Book

Kwanzaa Teddy Coloring Book

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Join Your Pal KT in this fun, hands-on way to discover the magic of Kwanzaa. Learn all about the traditions and symbols that reflect family, community, and self improvement. Features activities suitable for a range of ages.

  • 64 pages
  • Soft cover